An interdisciplinary and collaborative exploration of creative critical methodologies.


Recent years have witnessed increasing interest in approaching research as a creative practice and developing innovative ways of conducting and presenting academic work, what we here term Creative Critical Writing. Distinct from literary or fictional writing, Creative Critical Writing is a research method that treats the form of academic writing as constitutive of its conceptual argument. It draws inspiration from a tradition of thought that includes Plato’s dialogues, Montaigne’s Essais, Nietzsche’s aphorisms, Walter Benjamin’s Denkbilder, Jacques Derrida’s deconstructive play with language, and Hélène Cixous’s écriture féminine as well as more recent experiments with digital media, disruptive translation and various types of situated or performative writing.

In response to these developments, we want to foster a conversation between researchers with an interest in creative critical methodologies through a co-ordinated series of workshops, work-in-progress seminars, symposia and exhibitions of creative-critical work. If you want to get involved in our budding network, please join our mailing list or email us at

We are always very delighted to hear from anyone interested in creative critical writing so please feel free drop us a line at any time. We’re also happy to circulate information about related events.

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